Saturday 10 December 2011

December 10th, 2011 - Saturday

Location: Midland Hotel, phone booth 3
Designer: Nikita Star, hair stylist, artist, writer

Location Notes: One of the iconic hotels of Manchester that over the course of 100+ years has hosted many a celebrity and royalty as well. Its Grade II* listed grand red-brick facade protects an opulent interior. It was built by the Midland Railway Company in 1903 to serve the Manchester Central railway station behind and started life with a covered walkway between the two (demolished after WWII). It was famously the meeting place of Mr Rolls and Mr Royce, leading to the formation of Rolls-Royce Ltd in 1906.

Shrine Notes: The shrine has words in red: love, hope, joy, grace, John 3:16, peace, truth, honour, purity, kindness, self-control, mercy, gentleness, generosity, patience, forgiveness, humility, loyalty. The shrine also has words in black: hate, lies, lust, drugs, porn, greed, pride, bitterness, adultery, selfishness, steeling, murder, anger, self-indulgence, jealousy, abusive, racism, bullying. Think about these and on the suggestion of how they may impact your life and those you know, visualised through the rose.

Designer Notes: Just a few days before I found out about the shrine project I got this image of the roses as someone prayed for me that God would start to use my creativity to bring His freedom. I want people to realise they have a choice in how they live their life. This isn't to bring judgement, but to bring freedom, as people realise there is a different way of living. The way you live brings consequences, good or bad. My hope is that people will be filled with Gods love so they can love themselves, each other and the world, resulting in a much more joyful, peaceful environment. What will you choose?

Feel free to write about your thoughts and experiences with this shrine, or how you've seen people using it, as a comment (see below) or tweet @sanctus1mcr.

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